Bradesmar Wache

Captain of the Albatross


Gender: Male
Race: Human (Illuskan)
Alignment: CN
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


Some sailors can muster a brave face even in the greatest of troubles, but Bradesmar is not one of these. His threadbare clothing, unkempt gray hair, and sallow skin tell of many hours sitting in silence and darkness, cursing his very existence. He has become even more withdrawn over the last year since a series of deaths occurred around his unfinished home. Locals whisper that the overwhelming power of his grief has dragged the spirit of Ella, his beloved wife, back to the Prime against her will. Bradesmar is as terrified of this prospect as the rumored ghost is furious, and he attempts to ignore the problem by denying its very existence.

Bradesmar Wache

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