Captain of Fortune's Favour


Gender: Male
Race: Sahuagin (malenti)
Alignment: NE
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


Attired in vibrant silks that offset the blues & greens of his elvish features, Hanji has well-earned his reputation as a dandy & man of high culture. But Hanji’s sharp, shark-like teeth betray the brutality for which the malenti pirate is likewise known. Even among pirates, Hanji’s record is smeared with blood, such that he sets many of his fellow Free Captains on edge, even more so than the likes of Draco or Avimar.

Massacre of innocents aside, however, Hanji’s true passion lies not in affairs of piracy, but rather affairs of the arts. No Free Captain—Councilman or otherwise—has a greater appreciation for song than this enigmatic malenti. Indeed, Hanji is in the process of organizing a lavishly funded music competition, which he hopes will entice Toril’s finest performers to the Sword Coast.

Rumor has it he is also considering a special event for household slaves to enter, as part of the festivities. According to Hanji, his program will give the common slave a preliminary education with a focus on the arts, & will be concluded with a massive competition in which the graduated slaves will put on performances for the Pirate Lords. Though details are murky at best, Hanji has promised to reward the winner not only with a small piece of land & a generous financial award, but also their freedom—which he will personally purchase if necessary.

Hanji himself has offered up most of his own slave complement as potential competitors, simply to show his seriousness. Most of the Free Captains are at a loss with regards to the malenti’s motives, but have shown interest in his offer at least as a cheap way to improve the quality of their slaves. Meanwhile, the few pirate powers who have traditionally stood up against slavery have begun watching Hanji with suspicion. On the surface, his motives seem… sympathetic, if misguided. But such qualities are apparently at odds with the malenti’s reputation as a pirate, which leads many to believe he must be planning something far more dramatic…


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