Hardluck Massey

Captain of the Skullduggery


Gender: Male
Race: Human (Chondathan)
Alignment: N
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


Hardluck Massey was once one of the most successful pirates of the Sword Coast, though his ambition has gone lax over the years now that he sits atop a throne of financial success. Hardluck’s love of cigars can be detected by his yellowed fingers and the thick odor of tobacco smoke that perpetually drifts from his clothes. He doesn’t walk so much as swagger, and the Free Captain’s unpredictable temper is legendary throughout the Sword Coast. Many believe that what Hardluck needs is the calming influence of a good partner, but he has long turned down every pirate wench or blushing noblewoman who has propositioned him over the years.

Few realize that Massey has good reasons for dismissing so many young ladies. And, if rumors are to be believed, he already has his eyes set on someone else. Kiyano Remsteel is the object of his affections, and the young ex-deckhand can count himself among the few who benefit from the good side of Hardluck’s turbulent nature. Kiyano encourages Hardluck’s advances to a certain extent, but many believe that the lad is only humoring the old salt until he admits where he has squirreled away his wealth. Afterward, they claim the young pirate plans to leave Massey’s service altogether in his search for the fabled treasure. Alas, only Kiyano himself can know the truth, for Hardluck seems to be viewing the boy through rose-colored glasses.

Hardluck Massey

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