Kiyano Remsteel

First-Mate of the Skullduggery


Gender: Male
Race: Human (Damaran)
Alignment: N
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


The first mate of The Skullduggery, & loyal servant of Captain Hardluck Massey, Kiyano is terribly young for his position of power. He began work on Massey’s ship a few years ago, & rapidly rose through the ranks. To those in-touch with Sword Coast rumors, Kiyano’s rapid rise is hardly a coincidence: he has caught the eye of his lonely captain in ways beyond mere sailing ability.

According to the rumormongers, Massey’s preference for gentleman over ladies has caused him to turn down every noblewoman or pirate wench who has propositioned the captain over the years. As such, Massey sits alone & angry atop his pile of wealth, & this loneliness has made the wizened pirate blind to the advances of an ambitious young deckhand. Particularly one who is willing to… well, serve his superior as the saying would go.

Gossips agree that young Kiyano appears to return Massey’s advances, but few think his affections are genuine. Most believe that Kiyano is merely entertaining the old man until he either reveals the location of the rest of his fortune, or dies & leaves the entire inheritance to his young lover. Whichever happens first. In fact, some believe that Kiyano is ambitious enough to help Massey along to one outcome or the other, if he is forced to wait much longer.

Kiyano Remsteel

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