Lenna & Sarisa Tycoon

Captains of the Heart's Bounty


Gender: Female | FtM Crossdresser (gender identity unknown)
Race: Human (Chondathan)
Alignment: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


These two granddaughters of a minor Mirabar noble inherited found themselves at the head of their family from a very young age. Their parents were scheming nobility, who had grown tired of waiting for the girls’ opulent grandmother to die so they could assume their considerable inheritance. Just to spite them, when the old woman finally passed, she left all her fortunes not to her wicked daughter & son-in-law, but to her beloved grandchildren: Lenna & Sarisa. The decision was initially met with anger by the girls’ parents, who attempted first to charm, then to commit, & finally to murder their children over the estate. In the end, the girls sold their grandmother’s manor home, & set off to the Sword Coast to seek their other fortunes far from Mirabar.

Aside from the land they’d sold in Mirabar, the girls’ inheritance consisted of their grandmother’s small fleet of merchant ships, & a series of small islands that she had used as trading posts & shipwrights. The girls now find themselves awkwardly ruling the small territory—though few can say how long their turbulent reign will last. Though the two are sometimes seen together, Lenna remains home more often than not, seeing to societal affairs. Her sister, meanwhile, is always off on some new bold exploit, & is the more common face among the Free Captains of the Sword Coast.

Rumors regarding the girls’ relationship are broad & inconsistent. Some say Lenna is tired of losing money to Sarisa’s adventures, & suggest she might follow in her parents’ footsteps in a bid to be rid of her sister for good. Others claim the girls are thick as thieves, & that their seemingly uneven way of dividing the job of rulership is merely the system they feel best suits their respective skills. Some believe the girls have powerful allies—perhaps with Zhentarim, perhaps with the Harpers, or perhaps someone else entirely—whose interests are carefully hidden behind the pair’s respective actions. The most outlandish theories even suggest that the two are lovers, locked in a terribly incestuous relationship.

Lenna & Sarisa Tycoon

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