Captain of the Chimera's Teeth


Gender: Male
Race: Human (Unknown)
Alignment: CE
Class: Unknown
Status: Indifferent (0)


Longbeard’s unusual height is a bane for one so keen on sartorial finery. With few high quality tailors available in the southern Sword Coast, the pretentious Free Captain must force his 6-foot-5-inch frame into velvet suits and lambskin jackets made for much smaller men, often giving him the look of a boy who grew up too suddenly. He makes up for his shortfall in sleeve-length with a host of jewelry, and perhaps the only thing he appreciates more than fashion is flattery.

Despite his profound indifference to the music and pronounced hatred for the patrons, Longbeard often visits the Seven Suns opera house in Neverwinter, as his fascination with the finery of the costume is enough to see him through hours of unintelligible noise. His greatest wish is to find someone cunning and daring enough to rob the theater of its wardrobe, an act that would not only furnish him with many beautiful clothes, but would also deal a solid blow to the repute of the paranoid Endymion, whose taxes on Longbeard’s finery have long been a thorn in the dandy’s side.


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