Mauril Breakwater & Venigo Palpathe

Captains of the Redcap


Gender: Female | Male
Race: Human (Chondathan) | Human (Nethrese)
Alignment: LE | NE
Class: Unknown
Status: Unfriendly (-1)


This unusual pair of Free Captains rules over the decrepit port town of Raketooth, near Daggerford. Visitors seeking their favor know to watch their back while dealing with the treacherous duo—especially on their home turf. Their distasteful dealings with the nearby sahuagin tribes have ensured their town relative safety from the monsters’ depredations, but they have also given Raketooth an ugly reputation even among their roguish neighbours.

Contrary to popular belief, the two are neither lovers nor relatives, though the true nature of their relationship is unknown. Some believe they once adventured together, while others postulate that the two met while working for another organization entirely. Whatever the nature of their partnership, the talk of the Sword Coast is that there may soon be trouble in paradise.

Venigo, who fancies himself an up-&-coming wizard like his supposedly-noble Nethrese anscestors, has always been one for adventure. This hasn’t been a problem for Mauril, as it keeps Venigo’s boisterous attitude sated, & keeps his disorganized mind out of their bookkeeping. But, not long ago, a young drow noble woman arrived in town, claiming to have been drawn by tales of Venigo’s achievements. While Venigo has been entirely captivated by her flattery, her beauty, and her heavy purse, Mauril is less than pleased. She remains skeptical of this stranger’s intentions, and is keeping a close eye on her partner’s budding relationship.

Mauril Breakwater & Venigo Palpathe

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