Maxevale Janis

Captain of the Sullied Strumpet


Gender: Male
Race: Tiefling (daemonic)
Alignment: CN
Class: Bard/ Cleric of Umberlee
Status: Friendly (2)


Intimidation & charm in equal measure have been the keys to Max’ control of his small island territory, Rapier Bay. He has not, however, ever been a man for violence. The tiefling possesses a gaze that bores into a rival’s heart and sniffs out her darkest secrets. Whether or not he can actually read people as well as some claim is up for debate, but many a would-be troublemaker has sweated out her secrets under Max’ silent, indecipherable stare. And those that haven’t—well, there’s more than one way a lass can sweat out her secrets to an attractive man.

Max is a short, unimposing man but well-dressed man at first appearance. At his best, he is a man of few words, & his stony silence proving to be his most powerful investigatory tool. Other times, he leans on his fiendish blood to help him out—either by seducing prospective clients, or by terrifying them with his pupil-less eyes.

Despite his commendable control over his rowdy port & two flag ships, Max lacks direction. He has long been a supporter of Ellyne Firebird—support that has redoubled recently, since her abyssal heritage was revealed. Surprisingly, Elle is also among the few female allies that Max has not tried to take to bed. Some suggest the tiefling’s support is fueled by a desire for change in his own life, which he hopes will come from change on the council—& Elle is an excellent horse to back in that case.

Even Max’ dedication to Umberlee stems from a need for purpose rather than any religious bent. And, if one day the right offer should come along, he would abandon many things in favor of a wild adventure—the sort that both makes and claims a true pirate. Rapier Bay. His ships. His faith. All are but chips on the table, & Max is dreaming for the day someone takes his gamble.

Maxevale Janis

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