Merril Pegsworthy

Captain of the Devil's Cut


Gender: Male
Race: Human (Chondathan)
Alignment: CN
Class: Fighter/ Rogue
Status: Friendly (3)


Merrill Pegsworthy was once a military man of Cormyr, bound by honor & duty to a cause, but he has since found his faith in such things to be based on illusions—the greater causes all being made of individuals who themselves define the causes to which they cling. As such, he is much less interested in “the greater good” & much more focused on individual honor & loyalty.

He defines his own code of conduct and sticks to it. He is a ruthless but fair adversary, but is prone to holding prisoners of worth for ransom & letting those without such means go free. For this he is a Free Captain both popular and reviled among his peers.

That he stills wears his Purple Dragon Knight coat & epaulets makes his fellow captains nervous, but his skill and knowledge of naval combat along with his willingness to engage in battle with Cormyran ships make them recognize his value as an ally. For his part, he goes his own way making few enemies & fewer friends.

Captain Pegsworthy controls four ships: the Bonaventure, the Drale, the Hound, & the Zhent ship Devils’ Cut, his most recent & illustrious capture.

Merril Pegsworthy

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