Sasha Beinskeri and Alastair McCracken

Captain & First Mate of the Stormrunner


Gender: Female | Male
Race: Merfolk | Human (Illuskan)
Alignment: CG | CN
Class: Zealot Barbarian | Frenzy Barbarian
Status: Friendly (5)


Sasha & her partner McCracken are the picture of the proverbial odd couple, & have been the butt of many jokes during their years as Free Captains. Despite the jests, however, the two work together remarkably well—& have even saved several of their tormentors when the weather turns sour, earning their ship the name Stormrunner.

Sasha, technically the captain of the two, is a fair merfolk lass who was caught by a net in her youth, & raised thereafter by the Northmen barbarians. A shield maiden of Tempus, she fights with no weapons or armor besides her vicious tower shield, & is terribly efficient with it even in the water. Her reasons for leaving Northmen territory are unknown, but she is said to have previously served as first mate under a different captain—one to whom she was supposedly engaged. Sasha earned her captaincy when her fiance was slain by a mutinous Weapon Master, & her first solemn order was one to abandon ship, leaving it to the mutineers. While waiting in dry dock, brooding with her remaining crew, & overseeing repairs, she happened to bump into Alastair McCracken.

McCracken was a drunkard & a pirate, reportedly the son of a locally-famous figure who had done much the same. In his youth, he had been taken in by a local monastery, where he fit in poorly. When the place was raided by pirates, however, McCracken found his place. After slaughtering the majority of the raiders with his bare hands, he offered to join the pirate crew. Of course, he eventually back-stabbed them, & made his way from ship to ship in much the same fashion for his first 2 decades of life. Also a barbarian at heart, McCracken preferred the harpoon as his weapon of choice, & the saw battle as a frenzy rather than a sacred rage.

On the surface, the two might have seemed an odd couple: McCracken a frenzied pirate, & Sasha a faithful privateer. In the end, however, both were barbarians, both were sailors, & both were out of luck. Sasha was determined to get back to sea to avenge her fiance & steal back his ship. She had a small but loyal crew, & needed only a boat & a good officer. McCracken on the other hand had a boat—a stolen one—but lacked… just about everything else. It was a match made in hell.

Over the years, Sasha & McCracken have learned to reconcile their differences & become an effective team—even if an angry one. With their ship the Stormrunner, they have made a living venturing out into bad weather & rescuing ships—for a moderate fee, of course. the identity of Sasha’s target, meanwhile, remains a mystery—one that no one among the Free Captains is eager to solve, lest it earn the duo’s terrible wrath.

Sasha & McCracken were among the many contestants to enter the Free Captain’s Regatta in Ches 1525, and ultimately came in 5th place—though many report he would have placed 6th, had Elle’s ship not been singlehandedly sunk by the disqualified Barnabas Harrigan. With their promising finish & years of service to the council, the duo is on the list of people under consideration by the Pirate Council’s to claim a council seat, if their current members continue to… disappear. They were briefly considered for such a position following the deaths of Havalas & Olga, but were ultimately ranked below Draco and Haji as potential choices. This still puts them on a short list of favourites, however, a fact that is not lost on the other Free Captains of Luskan.

Sasha Beinskeri and Alastair McCracken

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